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We strive to provide peace of mind at a stressful time





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Occasionally Emergency Pet Care takes in abandoned or orphaned pets.  We are not a shelter and we are not funded by donations or government agencies. For this reason, we are very selective on the pets we choose to give a second chance. We do not take in found animals or accept owner surrendered pets – please contact your local Humane Society for this service. The pets we offer for adoption may have been rescued or affiliated with our many friends and family. Others may have ran out of time in foster care or need a special procedure to save their life.  This has included dogs and cats with suspected vehicular trauma; and orphaned kittens needing to be bottle fed.


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Bottle babies will not be adopted out until they have had their first set of vaccinations at eight weeks of age.  It will be up to the new owners to continue the vaccination series with their regular veterinarian and have the kitten spayed or neutered.


Dogs and cats of a more mature age will be neutered or spayed before adoption, and current on their vaccinations.  The adoption fee is individually based – some pets are free, and some require a donation to help off-set the cost of their treatments.  This program is designed to place lost pets in good homes – and will not be used to treat owned pets.


At this time we have some very friendly young cats available for adoption. Please stop by our clinic to visit! Additional information about available pets may be found on our Facebook page:

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Previous pets that have found a home through Emergency Pet Care’s Adoption Center include:


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For each success story, there are many other sad endings.

 To help prevent future losses, please be sure your pets have collars and/or microchips.  Promptly call the local Humane Society and Animal Control Office to see if your pet has been found, and to report him/her missing.  If you are currently looking for a lost pet, and you see him/her on this webpage, please contact us so we can help reunite you!


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