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We strive to provide peace of mind at a stressful time





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Emergency Pet Care provides after hours veterinary care to household pets, cats and dogs. Our exam fee is $110.


The intent of Emergency Pet Care is to be available without an appointment during the evenings and weekends for non-routine medical conditions. This may be allergic reactions, difficulty birthing, trauma, toxin ingestion, or any other condition that should not wait overnight or through the weekend. If you are unsure if you have a true emergency, please call (208) 777-2707 or visit the What is an Emergency? link below. Usually, if you are worried, then your pet should be seen. You know your pet better than anybody, and if you suspect something is wrong, then you are probably right!


The clinic also provides a continuation of care for those patients being treated by their regular veterinarian for ongoing illnesses such as cancer, internal organ disease, poison recovery, and post-surgical monitoring.


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Emergency Pet Care is equipped with state-of-the art medical machines including digital x-ray, ultrasound, and an in-house laboratory with the capability of providing blood analysis in about twenty minutes. Time is of the essence, since there is no telling what a dog may have gotten into - for example the rock eater to the left!


When the clinic is open, at least one doctor is on staff. All the doctors of Emergency Pet Care are well qualified and eager to help. They can provide blood transfusions, emergency surgery, pain management, and diagnostic testing and treatment. If your pet should have to spend the night or weekend in-hospital, it will be monitored and cared for every moment, all night, and until it is returned to you. For this reason, you can call at any time (day or night) and get an update on your pet's condition.


The only service Emergency Pet Care does not provide is care of wildlife. If you happen to find an injured raptor, we are a relay station for a rehabilitation facility, which requires a phone call to the rehabilitation center BEFORE bringing the bird to Emergency Pet Care.

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 Good Samaritans wishing to help all other wild animals should contact their local Fish and Game Department. 



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